Depending on the size of the university, the IQAC may be staffed by at least two senior academics and suitably qualified support staff.
The Head of the IQAC shall be called Director (IQAC ) and s/he will be supported by at least one and maximum two Additional Director(s) depending on the size of the university. Both of these positions will be filled up only by senior academics suitably qualified for managing quality assurance activities. Director and Additional Director(s) of the IQAC shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for a period of three years (project period). Directors and Additional Directors will be posted to IQAC on deputation as full time and be exempted from their normal teaching duties during the tenure of their appointment.

Non-academic personnel shall be appointed temporarily as technical/support staff, e.g., administrative/office manager, accounts officer, communications officer, record keeper, data entry/computer operator, MLSS etc. To assist the Director and Additional Director(s) in discharging their responsibilities regarding IQAC activities, appointment of provisional technical/support staffs shall follow the university’s relevant recruitment and service rules.
The management and operational leadership of IQAC shall be vested in the hands of the Director who shall function as the chief executive officer (CEO) and Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) of the IQAC.
The reporting authority of the Director of IQAC shall be the Vice Chancellor of the university.

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