As you are reading this message, I assume that you are probably new to the University of Dhaka and want to evaluate whether this is a place that will cater to all your requirements. I remember having considered the same question in order to discern whether the University and the Faculty of Business Studies were the right place for me. I have learned over time that surrounding yourself with smart people causes you to grow. In other words, if you are striving towards your success in life, you have to collaborate with exceedingly successful people and organizations. Greatness can be found in seemingly ordinary raw material, which evolves into extraordinary final products nourishing and polishing is the key to brilliance. It is the expert cutting and polishing which produce brilliance. I chose University of Dhaka because I saw greatness evident in the institution and other indicators which supported my conclusion that DU has the conductive atmosphere.

Now, let me give you a bird’s eye view of the Faculty of Business Studies. The Faculty of Business Studies, as it stands now, has a long history. The Department of Commerce was established under the Faculty of Arts of the University of Dhaka in the year 1921. This Department emerged as an independent Faculty in 1970 with only two Departments the Department of Management Studies and the Department of Accounting Information System in 1970. The Department of Marketing and the Department of Finance were created in 1974. The semester system was introduced in this Faculty from the session 1977-1978. The Faculty of Commerce was renamed as the Faculty of Business Studies in 1995. During 1994-95, the names of the B.Com. (Hons.) and M.Com degrees were changed to BBA and MBA degrees respectively. From the same academic session, the 4-year BBA Program was introduced in place of 3-year B.Com. (Hons) Program. The one-year M.Com. Program was also renamed as MBA Program. During the year 2004, two more Departments were created under this Faculty namely, the Department of Banking and the Department of Management Information Systems (MIS). During the academic session 2007-2008, two other Departments were also added to this Faculty namely, the Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management and the Department of International Business. At present there are 153 teachers, 10 Officers and 58 employees and around 6,092 students in the 8 Departments under the Faculty of Business Studies.