Founded in 1964, the Department of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka is the first and foremost institution providing pharmacy education in Bangladesh. Approximately 90 percent of the Bangladeshi pharmacists working home and abroad are graduates of the University of Dhaka. With the ever-increasing demand and timeliness of this noble profession, the department has been raised to a full-fledged faculty in 1995 owing to the tireless efforts of its faculty members, researchers and scholars. Recognized as the most innovative institution for pharmacy education in the nation, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Dhaka has been serving as a model for other progressive pharmacy departments, particularly in private sectors throughout the country. The faculty has now an annual average of approximately 280 full-time students in the four year Bachelor of Pharmacy program conducted under the faculty supervision. The relatively newly established faculty initiated three independent departments in 2003 under the heading of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technology, which offer Master of Pharmacy and postgraduate degrees (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) to approximately 80 students per annum. These degrees and programs have proven to provide the insights and right direction for future pharmacists.