Procedure is a set of sequentially arranged actions to be followed in solving a problem or accomplishing a particular task. It includes policies, regulations, processes, systems and rules that fall within the purview of a QA body such as Student Regulations and Registration Process. A procedure becomes archaic over time and therefore requires to be reviewed on a periodical basis. Advancement in technology, change in personnel or even change in the way processes are understood or executed are some of the reasons for the need for change.

These may become evident usually at an audit or when the implementation of the procedure causes undesirable outcome and does not meet the initial objectives. The procedure should be amended to reflect current practice. In the event there is no call for the review or change of a procedure it shall be reviewed on a biennial basis to assess its effectiveness. Reviewing an existing procedure may be done internally by staff of the faculty or department (procedure owner) or by the IQAC. A review exercise will help to re-visit the procedure with a fresh eye for process improvement and efficiency. Existing procedures may either be documented or undocumented but practiced. This chapter explains how a review of both the documented and undocumented procedure may be conducted.